Fixturlaser Laser Kit

Laser Systems

Laser alignment systems have been around since the mid-80’s. Back then it was as cumbersome to align with laser systems as with dial indicators, just sexier. Today most laser based alignment systems are highly accurate and some of them really easy to operate. There are several brands and a few different techniques/measurement methods used by the different manufacturers. What to choose is to a large extent depending on previous experience and also the level of support and services provided by the vendor after purchase.

We like to push for the new Fixturlaser Laser Kit, a very affordable alternative.


Simple, wireless, laser shaft alignment meets your smartphone and tablet.

The Fixturlaser Laser Kit brings a whole new economy and ease of use to laser shaft alignment!  This is made possible by replacing the display unit with a free Laser Kit alignment app that runs on the user’s iOS or Android device and communicates live with the laser sensors via Bluetooth. The live display means that you will get instant feedback when shimming or moving the machines. This eliminates the guesswork and the back and forth of measuring, aligning, and re-measuring. All this at a super affordable price, delivering a quick payback.

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